• History and Meaning of Halloween

    History of Halloween: Sometimes we tend to wonder the true meaning of why we actually tend to celebrate festivals that we have no clue about. But festivals even after all this there sure are few festivals that tend to be of utmost excitement and also aura that tends to charm across ourselves such as Halloween. Halloween is one of the most anticipated festivals that is celebrated all across the world on October 31 which tends to be a cheerful and joyful presence of spirit and the dead to have a fun while eating a whole lot of candies as you may please. So here we are going to discuss all about Halloween, such as meaning of halloween, history, why we celebrate and many more questions. 

    But this wasn't the true story of this horror-struck festival which had its own take as to how it came into the origin and also made way into the hearts of people in general. Hence to find out the true meaning of Halloween and to know everything about the festival let's take a deeper take as to what Halloween is all about. 

    Let's know about Halloween Meaning

    Other than this Halloween sure is a time of the year where everything is much more darker but slot scarier in terms of look and other things. It is widely celebrated on October 31 and comprises of two days.
    Mainly October 31 being a holiday and the day before knows as all Hallows Eve. It is the day where few believe that all the ghosts and spirit halloween sure tend to lurk around the earth. While few believe it as a good fortune sort of desirable things and could bring good luck and also have much more of a significant importance in one's life.

    But then it is mainly celebrated because of the closeness and the togetherness of people all across the world where they come together and have the time of their lives. It is on this day that kids tend to wear different Scary attire and go home to home to collect trick or treat. It may be of any form as they wish to give and also gives immense joy and fun to the people who actually tend to celebrate this day.
     Also on this very day, people come together and have a lot of fun by sharing some really scary stories and also giving a thrill which could send a shocker to your nerves. It's all of this that tends to make it a much better day to be celebrated with your loved ones and also paves the way to the well being of one and all. 

    Story behind Halloween Origin

    History of Halloween dates back almost 2000 years back when there were Celtics who lived in the so called Ireland of today's world. But then they had a different reason to celebrate it along with united kingdom, France as on November 1 it sure did put a crucial part of the year on the roll as it marked the end of summer and start of winter which had its toll on the death rate that occurred at this particular period of time. So, this was about the origin of halloween. 

    But then for some of you might be thinking as to why October 31 is then celebrated as Halloween.The reason is that the Celtics did celebrate Halloween two times but they were called by different names in general.
    The one that was celebrated on October 31 was believed that the boundaries between the living and the dead blurred away and this paved way for the entry of other world spirits as well as other halloween spirits to enter earth and cause damage to their crops.

    Well, this wasn't to be entertained as a threat but the Celtic priests or druids used this a prediction to actually figure out what exactly does the future holds for them. And hence it was celebrated as Halloween on October 31 to actually let them know as to what the winter and other things would bring them after Halloween. So this ends most of ours curiosity that where did halloween originate.

    Story of Halloween

    On 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome as a tribute or honour the Christian martyrs and this eventually paved way for the advent of Catholic feasts on the day of all martyrs day which was established in the western Church.
     But then wasn't only there in the halloween city of Rome but had its widespread to other countries and included a variety of different saints all across Europe to celebrate this occasion. All this was because of two main reasons.

     Pope Gregory III expanded this as much as possible and paved way for its expansion and the other reason was that Christianity had taken a wide spread all over Europe and thus even got mixed up with the Celtic way of celebrations. But then when it actually came to Celtic it had its own new way as they didn't want to interrupt the far old rituals and ceremonies that took place on that day hence they renamed it as all souls days which had everything in it as you might see in present days Halloween.
     It was basically to honor the dead and keep evil away. Hence when this happened the night before Halloween was declared as all Hallows Eve and the next day was celebrated as Halloween, and this was the behind story of halloween that most of us are not aware of.

    Widespread of Halloween

    Well, the widespread of Halloween history and so called festival sue didn't happen on a rapid scale but then celebrations of Halloween were only happening in the northern part of England because of stuff Protestant beliefs that carried around.
     But then because of people having different beliefs and customs in the country try there sure we're many sorts of different ways that it was made to be celebrated and then came the rise or American Halloween which had its entire whole new way in general.
     The version included people having parties together and also sharing various sorts of halloween ghost stories just to frighten each other. But then despite all of this here sure wasn't that significant of an impact on the widespread of Halloween. But then it became much more popular when the immigration of other people started to happen in America where they bought different thoughts and views were the festivals that they brought to ask for something to eat or wear which thus paved way for the term "trick or treat".

     Thus as centuries passed by the fear of superstition and other fears went away and it became more or less a family get together and also a reunion sort of a thing which also became a holiday as well such that people could enjoy it as much as possible. Hence through all of this, the superstitious and grotesque features of people who had vague beliefs on the day faded away and the day was only celebrated because of its charm and aura to bring people together and have a fun one in general. 

    More Fascinating: Halloween Ghost

    The old Celtic beliefs of having performing rituals and other stuff was just a way to figure out as to what the future held for them in the show it was supposed to be for the times to come. Other than that there sure laid out other things where people believed that their relatives or family members who were deceased sure did find their way back home through the medium of candles.

     But then these were back in the days but as of now Halloween ghosts have a whole new different meaning and also much scarier as well which sure does have its toll on people. Not crossing the road after a black cat Crossed it or walking under the ladder. It was all laid does by the people of the middle ages who made people believe the witches turned themselves into cats and bought harm to them and their loved ones.

     But then there are countless superstitious beliefs all across the road but during the time of Halloween horror nights, it sure is a very vague belief that it is forbidden to walk on mirrors and crack it or spilling salt and walking on the cracks in roads. But then all this is as of now and tends to take a toll on our minds rather than clearing it out. It comes down to every person about these beliefs and hence Halloween meaning is different from one person to another.

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